Meet your artist!

Lauren Frank, a native Texan, is no stranger to the Lone Star State. With an engineer for a father and a beautician for a mother, Lauren developed a keenness for mathematics and a love for beauty. Lauren went on to become a Petroleum Engineer at the Colorado School of Mines and shortly after receiving her degree, moved back to Texas to work in oil & gas for several years.  During this time, Lauren continued to hone her beauty skills, doing hair, nails and makeup for friends and acquaintances, slowly building a local clientele. It was also during this period that she discovered and quickly became impassioned with permanent makeup – a practice that combines a precise eye for detail (thank you, engineering!) and beauty, eventually becoming certified in the technique by master trainer, Mychelle Hoang.

Fast forward a few years and Lauren, who by now had garnered a sizable clientele, left the petroleum industry to pursue her passion full-time and build her own permanent makeup business. Her services are now available by appointment at the Gold Rush Collective Tattoo Parlour located in the commercial heart of the Heights neighborhood. If you are in that neck of the woods, you may even run into Lauren as she is a connoisseur of the wonderful restaurant scene in Houston where she resides with her lovely and most handsome cats, Ty and Twizzler.


  1. What is the brow process like?
    • Initial – during this appointment the brows will be mapped on the face with the shape and style being approved by the client before beginning the procedure. Once the mapping and color selection is approved, the procedure will take place with the use of a numbing gel for the client’s comfort. Brows will take 4-6 weeks to heal after the initial appointment. During this time the brows will first appear darker, then scab and peel to a softer, powdery look.
    • Touch up – depending on how the client’s skin heals and absorbs the ink, a touch up may be desired. This also gives the client time to reflect on the shape and color with the possibility of making minor modifications.
    • Color boost – this is an annual touch up to freshen up brows and keep on fleek for another year!
  1. How dark will my brows be? Immediately after the initial process, brows will appear very dark until they scab and peel (about 10 days, varies slightly per client). This is normal and part of the healing process. Once brows have completely healed internally and externally (4-6 weeks) the true color will be revealed.
  1. How long does it last? Without touch ups, the cosmetic pigments may fade up to 80% in 2 years.
  1. Does it hurt? Pain is minimal and a numbing gel is used throughout the procedure for the client’s comfort.
  1. How often are brow touch ups needed? Following the initial appointment, a touch up is included within 3 months of the service. Color Boost refreshers are offered up to 20 months following the the initial session to keep the brows looking fresh!
  1. How are Ombré Powder brows different from Microblading? Powder brows are the new Microblading. Ombré is an effect taking the brow from dark at the tail to light at the front, providing a more natural look. Microblading is done by hand and hair-like strokes are feathered into the skin. Powder brows are done with a machine (tattoo gun) and are less traumatic to the skin. Ombré Powder brows may be done on oily skin and scars whereas Microblading cannot.
  1. I already have my brows tattooed/microbladed, can you do my touch up? While one artist cannot touch up another artist’s work, you may be eligible for a new brow cover up. Please send photos of any previous work to 713-364-6614 for approval prior booking a new brow cover up. 
  1. Am I a good candidate for permanent makeup? Permanent makeup is NOT recommended for anyone who are/have any of the following:
    • Pregnant or Nursing 
    • Diabetic 
    • Undergoing Chemotherapy (consult your doctor) 
    • Viral infections and/or diseases 
    • A Pacemaker or major heart problems
    • Skin irritations near the treated area (rashes, sunburn, acne, etc.) 
    • Sick (cold, flu, etc.) 
    • Had Botox in the past month
    • Used Accutane in the past year 
  1. Can I bring a guest? Please do not bring any children or guests as the service is long and requires uninterrupted concentration for both artist and client.